2009-05-16 13:32:57 by Karibik-Mike

If you're looking for some cool music, check out my brother's songs and beats! Right here on NG!

There's some awesome Rock, lots of Funky Stuff and plenty for you 8-Bit fans!!

Damn right, so awesome!!
Yeah.. I pretty much put Tom's head on Wayde's body, edited pretty much the whole face & hair and voila! Looks exactly like me!

Greetings, weary traveller!

2008-03-06 07:14:05 by Karibik-Mike

Hey there!!
It's very unlikely that anybody reads this, but if you do, welcome to my awesome userpage!! Isn't it great? Why don't you put it to your favourites, there's so much going on here, don't miss out!

Seriously though, I'm just an NG lurker since, I don't know, 2002 probably, way earlier than I officially joined anyway. I love this site, it's inspirational and there's always something new, something unexpected. I've spent so many nights just watching flash movies on here.

So long!!